Friday, November 30, 2007

A few new drawings

These are few of the digital ink drawings I did for a client recently for eskimo mythology. I drew these and inked them fully on my computer with a Wacom tablet.

The first one is a shapeshifting demon that takes on the image of a child. The second is a tickling demon. The third is called Amarok, and is a HUGE wolf, which I based off of a bear's body.

I used three different techniques on each drawing, that's why I think they each have their own look to them. The Shapeshifter, I wanted to look more human than I was capable of drawing freehand, so I used a 3D modeling program and posed a figure, and added lighting. I used that as reference for the drawing.

On the tickling demon, I did just freehand, and went a little bit more cartoony then any of the other characters. I figured he's a tickler, so cartoony works for him.

On Amarok, I had a photo of a bear which I sketched lightly over the top of to get the shapes of the bear's body, then I referenced some wolf photos to make my bear/wolf hybrid. The client had me add some ravens to show the scale of how big this creature is. I have to say, I think this is one of the most frightening beats I have have ever drawn.


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Gotta tell you Amarok is my favorite of the three, I like wolves a lot and this one you draw is pretty awesome, am going to printed and hang it on my room if you don't mind.

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