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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Return of the Zoo

I went to the zoo again. I wasn't going to post these, but looking back at them, I think I actually like them. I went with JR Goldberg again, as well as my buddy Josh Kenfield. It was a moderately sprinkely day off and on, so there were moments were we had to take shelter. I also sort of got mesmerized by the chimps. They were amazing to watch, and I just sort of sat and watched them for a while. I probably could have got a whole other drawing done in that time. It always amazes me that I spend the whole day at the zoo from 10:30 to 5 and this is all I come up with. The time really flies.

First up... more gerenuks. The gerenuk area is nice and secluded and cozy and easy to draw at so we spent a good amount of time there. There were also these little pig/goat things. I can't remember what they were called, so I added one sort of being intimidated by all the wiggly, tall gerenuks.

Next I did a meerkat, and I pretty much cheated and put him in this cheesy pose.

The coolest thing about this visit is I finally got to see the gorillas. Every other time I have gone I have not seen them, and they're like pretty much basically my favorite animal.

As I said, I got pretty mesmerized by the chimps. I did manage to sketch a few of them though.

Last I did this little guy. It was the only one I did on the brown paper, which I think I should just do all my sketches on, but then I always get carried away.

That's it! A full day of sketching. I already can't wait to go do it again.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

A day at the Zoo part 2

In case you missed my first zoo art blog, check it out.

Jenny Goldberg and I got to hit the zoo again finally and pick up where we left off. I didn't do any drawings I would say I like as much as that grumpy frogmouth owl I did last time, but I am pretty happy with these and felt I should share them... but first, here is a sketch I did of a couple of guys and a crab goat at a drink n' draw I went to last week. After that is the sketches from today... enjoy!!


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Axe Cop's temporary home

UPDATE: The site is BACK so go to www.axecop.com if you were led here by Twitter. I will leave these links to the first 6 strips in case the site is slow from traffic, but keep in mind new episodes will be at the website and not at this blog.


axe cop zero comes after 4 because that's the order they were written in. Please keep the Axe Cop fire burning and share this one Twitter and Facebook.

-NEW EPISODES UP at http://axecop.com/index.php/ask (ask axe cop episodes 1-3)


Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Axe Cop is back in a touching tale about family values. This one is a tear-jerker. I decided to change Malachai's credit to sole writer, because he really is... all I do is organize it into art. Enjoy!

you may also download the PDF here.

Monday, December 28, 2009

AXE COP interview

Here is a video of me interviewing my five year old brother Malachai about the story for Axe Cop 3. You get an idea of our writing process here. Some of the details in the story were taken from other conversations, but I wanted to capture the kind of brainstorming we do and I also wanted to capture how Malachai pronounces avocado "aducado."

The Axe Cop comics are available on this blog in the previous two posts.
Axe Cop blog post one, and blog post two.

Sunday, December 27, 2009


We did it. Axe Cop 3! This time Axe Cop and Dinosaur soldier get a new job. If you missed Axe Cop parts 1 and 2, it is a comic written by my 5 year old brother and drawn by me, you can see them in the previous blog post.

Here's the pages. You may also view the PDF.

At this rate I may need to give Axe Cop his own web page. Let me know if you want to see the saga continue into an ongoing web comic.

Also, stay tuned for a video with my brother showing the writing process.