Thursday, October 28, 2010

Return of the Zoo

I went to the zoo again. I wasn't going to post these, but looking back at them, I think I actually like them. I went with JR Goldberg again, as well as my buddy Josh Kenfield. It was a moderately sprinkely day off and on, so there were moments were we had to take shelter. I also sort of got mesmerized by the chimps. They were amazing to watch, and I just sort of sat and watched them for a while. I probably could have got a whole other drawing done in that time. It always amazes me that I spend the whole day at the zoo from 10:30 to 5 and this is all I come up with. The time really flies.

First up... more gerenuks. The gerenuk area is nice and secluded and cozy and easy to draw at so we spent a good amount of time there. There were also these little pig/goat things. I can't remember what they were called, so I added one sort of being intimidated by all the wiggly, tall gerenuks.

Next I did a meerkat, and I pretty much cheated and put him in this cheesy pose.

The coolest thing about this visit is I finally got to see the gorillas. Every other time I have gone I have not seen them, and they're like pretty much basically my favorite animal.

As I said, I got pretty mesmerized by the chimps. I did manage to sketch a few of them though.

Last I did this little guy. It was the only one I did on the brown paper, which I think I should just do all my sketches on, but then I always get carried away.

That's it! A full day of sketching. I already can't wait to go do it again.