Tuesday, March 24, 2009

uStream draw-cast 2

Alright! I did another uStream show tonight and it was once again really fun. If you ever want to catch one, follow me on twitter or watch for an update on myspace or facebook. Here is what we came up with tonight...

This is a zombie armadillo eating an ice cream cone. The ice cream cone is very sad. I imagine the armadillo is pretty happy, though he can't show much emotion.

This is Tigerpus. He is half tiger, half platypus. I like him.

This is Rebracta. That is the name that was made up for this woman... man... troll thing. This character was created as people shouted out various features, like emo hair, big lips, fishnets, etc. The results were

The last image requested ended up being me in a bunny suit in a space suit. So that's what you have here.

Thanks again to everyone who participated and watched!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

First U-Stream Draw-cast

So, mimicking my friend Val, I decided to do a Ustream live video feed of me drawing in Manga Studio. As I drew, I had people in the chat make suggestions and I went off of those ideas. So for the first one, I asked for two animals and someone said girrafe and flamingo, so we ended up with a Girmingo:

Next, I had everyone watching start blurting out various features of a yet-to-exist character. Someone said batwings, then hook-hand, then bifocals, then squinty eyes, and we just kept going from there until we had this cuddly little guy who we named Hubert Bibbo:

For my final drawing, someone suggested a Wolf Turtle, and someone else asked for a unicorn, so I drew a Were-Turtle devouring a Unicorn:

And that was that. My first u-stream live draw-cast. It was fun. If you ever want to be a part of one, just try to keep track of me on twitter, or myspace. I will post when I am on. I may schedule something sometime, too, if there is interest. Thanks again to everyone who watched, chatted, and made it fun.