Sunday, November 11, 2007

First comic submission letter of my ife...

I was digging through my shoe box of memorable pieces of paper the other day. I just finished putting the entire Chumble Spuzz book together and I did a little thing in it where I talked about getting my first ever rejection letter from Dan Vado, SLG president- who ended up becoming the first publisher to pick up my work 10 years later.

Here's the letter. It's rather embarrassing. I was 17 and so ready to become a big, rich, famous comic artist... (click for larger version)

I guess it's typical of a person at that age to think like this. I was living in a small town and I had no idea how big the world, and the industry actually were. I just figured because my high school thought my comics were funny I would be an overnight hit.

It's funny looking back to those days. If I was to go back in time and tell myself where I am at right now, my old self would be way more excited about it then I am right now. Not that I'm not excited, but my 17 year old self would still have the mystery that's lost when you actually experience a thing.



Eric Peterson said...

It's really cool that you have this.

And if it's any consolation, I did a lot of things similar to this when I was 15, and unfortunately I was so overly persistent, that most of my rejections are scathing, and still easily found by doing google searches.

Ryan said...

It's brutally honest, and it's great that he actually took the time to review and offer criticism.

Heather said...

Yeah I didn't get a written letter. I got it typed.

I kind of like how horribly honest the letter is. It's realistic.

Yeah, I'm 19 and...actually don't think like that O__o. When I wrote the submission letter I was kind of like a chicken with her head chopped off.

I wasn't too surprised when I got the letter. I'm too horribly new to get accepted on the first try. Though I was very happy when I Jennifer de Guzman said that I had a lot of promise. Made it sting a lot less. =)

And to wave this topic off of me: look at you now! Now you draw awesome and have a totally kick ass comic.

Anonymous said...

I still get rejection letters today
but my rejection letters are getting
much better so it seem I'm improving
alot. Once I got a letter from marvel
comics... boy was I hammered but I
was 18 at the time, now I'm 30 it
getting alot better and one the
rejection letter from a big company
said they will keep an eye on work
for the future.

Mark said...

I'm 15 now and looking for a publisher for my comic. (read it at ) I've also got a few big ideas about overnight success, stardom and riches. I hear a bit about how harsh and difficult the industry is but I still think I can do it overnight (I'm told that'll clear up oncce I experience it instead of just reading about it.)
Anyway I'm about to send off my first few submission letters and I'll probably see a few rejections like this. Ah well, I'll get accepted at some point and if not there's self publishing!
Wish me luck!

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