Monday, November 26, 2007

The Rest...

Here's the last 6 pages from Code of the Juggernaut. I think I actually have some more, but they are not lettered. I'll try to post those next time.

I love how some of the art on this turned out. After Chumble Spuzz I became more free with my style and at the same time, tighter. I was more conscious of page composition, black areas, and expression. I had feared going back to an all-human book, because humans are the hardest thing there is to draw- but I feel like what I came up with for this project far exceeded any previous human characterizations I'd come up with.

I really wanted it to almost feel like a dark comedy film- in my mind it was sort of like Kevin Smith's slacker buddy dialog, comedically in the style of something like SuperBad, but with the sort of chaotic vigilanteism from Boondock Saints.

I wanted to base each character as much on his real character as much as I could. I wanted us to joke like we really do behind closed doors. I wanted all of our shortcomings to be laid out to laugh at, and our good qualities to be what wins the fight in the end. Ultimately the story was going to be more of a road-trip buddy movie. No success story, no big battle with evil. I still hope to tell it someday, but when I do I'll restart from the ground up.

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