Sunday, November 18, 2007

A few sketches...

I felt like dumping a few sketches onto the blog to spruce things up a bit. These are from my current sketch book. It's a 10" x10" square pad, hard cover with ring binding. I have been doing a lot of ink sketching in it, and generally trying to use bits of color here and there to keep it interesting. I hope to publish a sketch book with a lot of the art from it, but I wanted to share a few samples just for fun. These were all done using Faber Castle brush pens.

This first one is a couple a "squiggle creatures." I had my little sister Megan draw a couple squiggly lines in my sketch book and then I turned them into these creatures. I have a lot of these in my book, I am almost thinking about doing a whole book of them, because some of them have turned out really cool.

This next one I did at the Portland Drink n' Draw about two months ago. I was really intimidated by all the good artists there and was drawing really bad... then I loosened up and made this zombie guy. I really like him.

This last one is this lizard creature I made up. It may be showing up in a future book I'm developing. I have a series of these little guys in my sketch book, but this one is my favorite.


Ryan said...

I like that zombie guy a lot.

Ronna said...

This is great info to know.

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