Friday, March 21, 2008

Drawing a page of Chumble Spuzz

I decided to do a screen capture thingy. This is a page from "Death Sings the Blues" the short story in Chumble Spuzz book 2. This page took me 3 hours originally, it's sped up 16 times in this video. People usually put these videos to some kind of artsy electronic alternative music, I went with some old Stanley Brothers bluegrass tunes and a church song. I think it looks like I was drawing to the music.

This is all drawn in Manga Studio. This story is mainly narrated, and isn't going to have any panels- it's kind of collage style,so it's different from a normal page. As you can see, it has zombies. Here's the finished page (click to enlarge):

Let me now what you think of this. I may post more if I have time.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Another Art Dump

Here's another quick art dump... these are some sketches from the ol' sketch book for a new project I'm submitting to Cartoon Network (fingers crossed!)...I found this little guy in an OLD sketch book from high school. This is how Gunther from Chumble Spuzz used to look. A lot more ugly and scary...

Below are some concept drawings for the 2nd Chumble Spuzz book, which is about a zoo that contains people that were raised by different animals. These are just some ideas I came up with for human/animal things that are pretty ridiculous.

This was an attempt at a cover for the book, done in Walnut Ink. While I like it, it didn't work in color very well. I'd be willing to sell it if anyone wants to make an offer:

And this is a concept sketch for the short story that will be in Chumble Spuzz book 2 called "Death Sings the Blues". I kind of mixed the Grim Reaper with Robert Johnson. The story is sort of a tribute to old blues music, and zombies.

There you have it. My art blog bowels are now relieved.

Some more recent stuff

I haven't posted up any of the fun stuff I've been working on lately, so here's a few of the drawings I've been doing for the Inuit Mythology Project. The first set I did for them was colored pencil drawings. I've since done about 80 ink drawings for them. These are some of my favorites...

I love this job because it stretches me to draw things I wouldn't have otherwise tried drawing, and I also get to expolore my digital inking techniques. These are all digitally inked, except for the one pencil drawing I included, which I scanned in from a sketch book. The final is digitally inked, but i really liked the look of it in pencil.