Monday, November 26, 2007

Unlettered Pages

So here's the last 4 pages, no lettering. I'll just kind of give the run down here since you get no insanely tiny dialog to try to read.

Suddenly, two thugged out homeboy crack dealers see their car is being stolen. They are the rightful owners of this junky car, and it is very valuable to them, because the seats are stuffed full of crack. (which is what has exploded all over Kyle). Kyle, of course, tries to threaten them with his fake squirt gun, and as usual they aren't convinced and they start shooting.

Moon is sort of the guy who is all gung ho about the crime fighting. He is a goof ball for the camera, until it's time to pull out his gun ("sweet cheeks") and serve up justice on the streets. As you can see, he tries to bail Kyle out, but he gets shot at too. It's at this point he realizes he is out of bullets again. A common theme for Moon in the comic would have been him rooting around his wallet and pockets and change jars for spare bullets. In this scene he hides behind the garbage cans (bullet proof of course), and rummages through his wallet trying to find a bullet.

So, the one thug is firing at An thony, while the loud mouth one with dreadlocks jumps on Kyle, pimp slapping the hell out of him, as he has crack in his eyes and is rolling down a hill in a crappy car. He begins wailing on the thug with the severed E-brake he recently snapped loose. What you don't see is that after this, Kyle takes out the thug with his trusty brick, which becomes his best friend through out the comic.

Meanwhile, I'm chasing the crack-head, who punched me, down a dirty alley way. I'm not doing so well with the whole running thing (I added that for character, in real life I run marathons while lifting weights and eating vegetables). Suddenly, the crack head opens a junky storage shed and a bunch of mangy street dogs start chasing me back down the alley way to the street.

How would it have ended? This scene? Well... the dogs run out and start to attack the thug with the gun. Kyle abandons the rolling vehicle and begins freaking out because he's all cracked out. He curls up on the floor of the Juggernaut holding the brick close to him. We kick at the dogs as we speed away... and the rolling car hits something explosive or messy. In the script it was the Red Cross bloodmobile, which rams into a gas station and blows up- then it rains blood. Maybe too much. We'll never know. That's that!

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