Friday, November 23, 2007

Code of the Juggernaut

I started a graphic novel based on my band, Lunaractive, this summer. The plan was to release it as a web comic, 3 pages a week, until it ended- then after that make a collected book to be released by SLG. My plan was to get these pages going and then keep up with it while on tour. My only problem was I hadn't actually finished writing it, and I was getting stuck. Then, to make matters even worse, my computer died while I was on tour and was useless for a month and a half. When I finally got it fixed my deadline to finish Chumble Spuzz was upon me, so I had to ditch it. This ended up being a good thing, because the band broke up anyway, and in all honesty- the story I truly want to tell probably wouldn't work with the band together. Too many eyes on it for me to tell the story I really wanted to tell. I realized this while on tour- the story of the band I have in me is not this one, and it made me hope to find a way out of being stuck with it.

But, not to let the art completley go to waste, I am going to put the pages here in my blog. I'll release them 5 at a time. Here's the first five. The book was to be titled "Lunaractive: Code of the Juggernaut". I apologize that the lettering is too small to read easily, but I don't have to time to fix it. I also want to warn you that this does not resolve, it cuts off mid-action at about page 18 or so. If you can't handle that, don't read it, because you will never know the end. This is it. Enjoy...


Corrigan said...

Kind of leaves you hangin with a salty ammonia buzz... But that's pretty funny.

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