Friday, August 28, 2009

the Naked Nutrino

So I finally got my sketch book back thanks to Jenny. Last time we went to draw nudies I left it there on accident. So here is the model we drew last time. She was this asian girl with this massive neutrino mohawk:

So here is my page of quicker skecthes... each around 3 to 5 minutes. (click for the big one)

and here is the only longer 25 minute pose I felt good about, on the brown paper:

And there you have it. More nudies!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Mini Sketches

I bought myself a little tiny pocket sketch book recently and have been doodling in it at random. I have used it for story notes, joke ideas, character designs, and just general sketching. I recommend carrying something like this around to anyone who is a write or artist. You never know what you will come up with. Here are some of my favorite things from my little mini sketch book. These are all done in a cheap little ball point pen.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Gone Zooin'

Ah! Another adventure drawing naked things with Jenny Goldberg, my new goth-hipster homegirl from the fancy pants part of town. This time they weren't even humans! We went to the L.A. Zoo and stood in the hot sun drawing as many cool critters as we could. Turns out after 6 hours of drawing, we got kicked out because the zoo closed at 5. We had barely scratched the surface of animal nudity. So, this is the L.A. Zoo sketch safari, chapter one. We had a lot of fun, even though are flesh did get charred in the sun. My arms are all red an pomegranety.

OK. Well, the first thing we came to were the Meerkats. Jenny, with her fancy-pants iPhone, snapped this picture and twitpic'd it whilst we were at the zoo. Ah, technology. It was right there then now it's right there just like magic! Well now it's right here...

Here is a clearer, crisper, tastier version with marshmallows.

So then we moved on to the Flamingos. Or, simply "the Mingos." Did you know they're pink because they eat so many shrimp? I did! I decided to draw a serious one, then a knee slapper one. The knee slapper ended up being one of my favorite drawings of the day. Here is the twit-pic:

Now here she is in all her shrimpy pinkish glory:

Ah yes. So, next we drew an alligator, and the damn thing would not hold still. My alligator sucked, so I have chosen not to show it here (it also never got finished). But here is Jenny's gator, posing in front of the actual gator who is swimming away grumbling like an old grumpy gator:

After that we sat in the shade and drew some seals. I tried a few serious, fancy ones... and they just sucked. So I did this happy-retarded-naive seal and it's cute!:

After the seals we went and ate a 6 dollar chicken sandwich, a 9 dollar turkey sandwich, and a 6 dollar soda. Then dumped soda all over our hands, then dumped water all over our hands. After that, we came upon something truly awesome... a Tawny Frogmouth Owl:

I busted out the brown paper on this guy. I think we worked on him for a good hour. He sat right there, sleeping, only moving his head here and there. This, along with the flamingo, is my favorite of the day:

After that, not having known the time, or the hours of the zoo, we continued on to draw these gerenuks, which are awesome and long. Gerenuk means girrafe neck! See! They look like alien deers. There was even little baby ones. About 15 minutes into drawing this guy we got booted out by the Zoo cops. I took it home and finished it up, using a googled gerenuk image for reference:

Most of these are a mix of Prismacolor Verithin colored pencils, Faber-Castell brush pens, a small tipped Copic pen, and a crummy Presto!white-out pen. Also, a bit of photoshopping to add snazz.

I am still giddy! I can't wait for chapter two. Drawing animals is my bread and butter! Thanks for reading.


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Nudies and Ooglies

Word up to the three of you who read this blog. I decided to dump some more sketch all over this place. I went to a seedy hipster art warehouse that smelled like the weed to draw nudies with Jenny Goldberg tonight (of Jellyfist infamy). She's a total hipster goth who draws awesome little nubby guys.

So this girl we drew sort of wore a naked Mary Poppins outfit... I really loved that movie when I was a kid. I guess she thought just plain ol' nakey was just too boring, so she wore a lil' hat and collar thing. Anyway, I just figured I'd post some of the art up. Hope you don't mind some boobs.

These were my warm ups... the smaller ones were 3-5 minute drawings, the one on the chair was 15.

Then I tried the brown paper, white/black pencil technique. This first one took 15 minutes...

This next one, also 15 minutes...

This last one was 20 minutes.

And now, just to offset all the seriousness and nudies, here are some more eefish sketches. I present to you a lizardy thing, a retarded bird, a babboon guy with flappy asses, a gopher beetle, and a demon bear.

Be well!