Tuesday, March 17, 2009

First U-Stream Draw-cast

So, mimicking my friend Val, I decided to do a Ustream live video feed of me drawing in Manga Studio. As I drew, I had people in the chat make suggestions and I went off of those ideas. So for the first one, I asked for two animals and someone said girrafe and flamingo, so we ended up with a Girmingo:

Next, I had everyone watching start blurting out various features of a yet-to-exist character. Someone said batwings, then hook-hand, then bifocals, then squinty eyes, and we just kept going from there until we had this cuddly little guy who we named Hubert Bibbo:

For my final drawing, someone suggested a Wolf Turtle, and someone else asked for a unicorn, so I drew a Were-Turtle devouring a Unicorn:

And that was that. My first u-stream live draw-cast. It was fun. If you ever want to be a part of one, just try to keep track of me on twitter, or myspace. I will post when I am on. I may schedule something sometime, too, if there is interest. Thanks again to everyone who watched, chatted, and made it fun.



Anonymous said...

I love these. Neat animals, Ethan.

Ooh, one more thing: what version of Manga Studio do you use?

g said...

Nice work man. I have to say that your imagination just runs like a river...so many features expressed in the second drawing and still you were able to make something like that.. awesome.

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Very Clever of you to do the U-stream. and i have to say that it's pretty interesting how you draw stuff right of the bat.

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