Saturday, January 5, 2008

Chumble Spuzz Was in Wizard!

So yesterday i was talking to Eric on the phone, and he said that is buddy Brett saw a little blurb about my comic in the most recent copy of Wizard magazine. I didn't truly believe it. I have a self-defense mechanism that has been reinforced by the cruelness of female-kind and my own stupidity to not react to anything until you know 100% if it's true. For you non-comic people, Wizard is the Sports Illustrated of the comics world. There is no bigger comic magazine. It would be like if Lunaractive got a small blurb in Rolling Stone.

So I eagerly drove to Fred Meyer where I usually buy Wizard magazine, if I'm in the mood. They were out of them. So then I drove to Haggen, the yuppie grocery store, and found it. I opened it and flipped through every page and found nothing. I went through it a second time.


Then an ad catches my eye for the next issue of Wizard which hits comic stored December 26th and news stands January 8th. So I had the wrong issue. It was about 8:30PM. I sped northbound toward southeast Portland to try to make it to Guapo comics and coffee, since the book wouldn't be available on news stands for a few more days. They used to close at 9:30PM when I lived nearby (a few months ago).

When I arrived, they were closed. They changed their hours. As it turns out, if I had just left and gone straight to Guapo I would have had it. I just missed them.

So I went to bed, and this morning I woke up and headed for the comic store in Milwaukie- Things From Another World. They had the issue and I nabbed it up, and went into my car to find it. Sure enough, there it was. In a little tiny section along the bottom of one of the pages, there's a featurette where the headline reads "INDIE WATCH '08: Check Out These Small Press Must-Reads." Mine was the first on the list. Here it is...

I know that if you have never really been into comics this isn't that big of a deal... and even then, it's not THAT big of a deal. But still- Wizard magazine hardly touches comics that aren't super mainstream. In fact, they seem to cover comic related film and television more then comics anymore. This magazine is everywhere in the country... I used to buy it at McKay's market in Lakeside. I remember getting a subscription when I was in highschool. So I'm excited that the most widely distributed and read comic news magazine there is sent a blurb about my book and tagged it as a "must read." That's cool.


Eric Peterson said...

Congratulations buddy. I don't have words for how envious I am-- this is a great milestone in your life, and I'm very very proud to know you and work with you. You are one talented dude.

Val said...

Eric didn't tell me!! Just when I think I couldn't envy you any more!! Ahahaha~
Super-Congrats, man! :D

Austin said...

Congrats, Eef!

designer purses said...

Great job.Congratulations buddy.

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