Friday, March 21, 2008

Drawing a page of Chumble Spuzz

I decided to do a screen capture thingy. This is a page from "Death Sings the Blues" the short story in Chumble Spuzz book 2. This page took me 3 hours originally, it's sped up 16 times in this video. People usually put these videos to some kind of artsy electronic alternative music, I went with some old Stanley Brothers bluegrass tunes and a church song. I think it looks like I was drawing to the music.

This is all drawn in Manga Studio. This story is mainly narrated, and isn't going to have any panels- it's kind of collage style,so it's different from a normal page. As you can see, it has zombies. Here's the finished page (click to enlarge):

Let me now what you think of this. I may post more if I have time.


The Horns and the Hawk said...
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The Horns and the Hawk said...

so, this is just a guess based off of what i'm seeing, but is klem having a zombie revival service based around some kind of sea monkey Jesus?

this video was enthralling. if that piece of art is still available, i'd still be interested.

The Horns and the Hawk said...

also, i don't remember if i clicked the button to email me with updates to this blog. so that's what this comment is all about. it's also the reason i deleted the first post.

i'm dumb like a rock.

eef said...

haha GREAT guess. very close actually. Klem's pet sea monkey returns from the dead and it's full of unfathomable evil. It eats into Klem's brain and takes control of him, turning him into zombie hitler. Basically in my story, all the most evil people of the past... Hitler, Stalin, Mao... had sea monkeys controlling their brains. You'll just have to read the story.

The Horns and the Hawk said...

i was going to guess hitler too, but then i thought, "nah. that's just shading. suspicious hitler shading."

i thought, "sea monkey jeebus? zombie revival? hitler priest? too much. couldn't be." but it kind of was. i can't wait. when does it hit?

Lemm said...

That's pretty cool, Eef. Your line control is great. :)

Maybe play it to some Shatner next time. That'd be good.

Mitch K said...

Hey eef! Ii found you through TenNapel's forum. I dig your artwork!

eef said...

Thanks Mitch. My lonely little art blog appreciates you taking the time to look at it.

Anonymous said...

That thing about all of the world's evil dictators being controlled by evil sea makes perfect sense. And on that note, this week I'm getting Vol. 1 of the Spuzz! I'm so excited.

-El Taco Muerto

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